I gave up social media for Lent, so on Easter Sunday, with a full stomach after a delicious brunch, I settled [...]


Death and Taxes

Filling out my taxes this week, I was reminded of the old saying: The only things certain are death and taxes. [...]

Death and Taxes2024-03-26T07:32:22-05:00

Whole-y Week

If all you knew of Holy Week was Palm Sunday and Easter, you might think that Jesus had it easy. One [...]

Whole-y Week2024-03-18T18:11:10-05:00

New Again

Penny, my 13-year-old yellow lab, is nearing the end. She has lost half her weight, doesn’t eat much, and can only [...]

New Again2024-03-17T09:08:55-05:00

DST=VBS is Almost Here!

Now that this weekend has come around, the Saturday to Sunday when we all lose an hour of sleep due to [...]

DST=VBS is Almost Here!2024-03-10T10:20:50-05:00


In 1982 Richard Proudfit, a Minnesota businessman, returned from a mission trip to Honduras and heard God say, “If you’ve seen my [...]


Yes, It Matters

An article popped up in my news feed with the title “You Don’t Have to Follow a Particular God to Say [...]

Yes, It Matters2024-02-18T07:15:33-06:00

Lent Already?

This year we have an early Easter (March 31) so that means an early start to Lent. Lent always begins seven [...]

Lent Already?2024-02-12T07:18:41-06:00

Embrace the Change

We are not having a typical winter, to be sure. The forecast calls for multiple days in the upper 40s this [...]

Embrace the Change2024-02-01T12:25:11-06:00
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