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Be The Hope

Be The Hope is Resurrection’s annual fundraising effort held on Easter Sunday to fund its primary internal, local and global Missions commitments for the year.

What is “Be The Hope”?2022-04-12T16:20:09-05:00

Be The Hope is our annual fundraising effort held on Easter Sunday to fund Resurrection’s primary internal, local and global Missions commitments for the year. The goal is to raise at least $30,000 directed to:

  • REZ Community: rezYouth camp scholarships
  • Local Community: Hastings Family Service
  • Global Community: ZOEempowers.org
  • Reserves for emerging mission needs that arise during the year 
Can I donate online?2022-04-12T16:20:22-05:00

Easily and securely. Just use this  weblink: tithe.ly You’ll be able to donate with an online check or credit/debit card, plus the option to set up automatic withdrawals for your convenience and budget.

Can I give more than once a year?2022-04-12T16:20:36-05:00

Of course! Give as much and as many times as you like. All donations end up in the BE the HOPE fund for support distribution after Easter.

When will the organization receive their support?2022-04-12T16:20:59-05:00

Resurrection works closely with the Finance Committee to ensure that all donations are made in a timely and relevant manner.

Why only once a year?2022-04-12T16:21:59-05:00

It’s simpler to hold one fundraising event per year rather than overwhelm people with a multitude of fundraisers happening at various times throughout the year. It doesn’t limit contributing to Missions; that can be done at any time.

Will this mean less money goes toward Missions?2022-04-12T16:21:50-05:00

No, giving towards Missions can be done at any time. Be The Hope just simplifies how Resurrection funds its Missions commitments into a focused, one-time event on Easter.

What if my mission isn’t listed?2022-04-12T16:22:12-05:00

Resurrection endeavors to support work that’s relationship-based, i.e. hands-on, versus simply giving money or items toward another organization’s cause. Please donate directly to any organization/cause not on our list that you feel led to support–it’s a much more efficient use of everyone’s resources.

Why not have fundraisers throughout the year?2022-03-06T08:41:27-06:00

Research shows having a single event like BE the HOPE yields the same, if not more, financial support with less demands of staff, resources and your time.

Will my donation go to where I specify?2022-04-12T16:19:37-05:00

Donations to Be The Hope go to the specified missions. If you wish to donate to other missions, mark your donation accordingly or give directly via the links below.

What if there isn’t enough funds to support the mission?2022-04-12T10:40:12-05:00

While there may be fundraising goals, Resurrection avoids potential conflict by not commiting specific amounts to organizations. Also, we will not financially burden anyone to give beyond their means or budget (good financial stewardship is healthier for everyone).

I have my own question.2022-04-12T16:21:14-05:00

All questions are welcomed! Please use our online form to contact us or call the church office at 651.437.4398 to have your question(s) answered.

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