Your Turn

Greetings! In rezKIDS this May, the series has been The Messengers. Each Sunday, the kids have been hearing a Bible story [...]

Your Turn2023-05-28T10:23:15-05:00

Spring Ephemerals

You may have walked through the woods in the spring and been surprised by an abundance of small wildflowers and then [...]

Spring Ephemerals2023-05-21T09:54:55-05:00

Thanks, AP

Four years ago, one of the young adults who had come through our youth group answered the call to serve as [...]

Thanks, AP2023-05-15T12:34:36-05:00

Machine Gun Preacher

How did Resurrection Church come to schedule a pastor know as “Machine Gun Preacher” to speak on Mother’s Day?  That’s a [...]

Machine Gun Preacher2023-05-07T10:57:16-05:00

Road Trip

“Greetings! Dan and I just returned from vacation. We first drove to Kentucky to visit son Cole and his family. We [...]

Road Trip2023-04-26T17:08:18-05:00


“Last Saturday my youngest child turned 29. I have never been one to pay much attention to milestone birthdays: 29, 39, [...]


Easter is Almost Here!

“I can remember as a child, the whole family getting dressed up in preparation for Mass on Easter Sunday (I grew [...]

Easter is Almost Here!2023-04-03T19:36:30-05:00

Christ, Our Passover Lamb

“To understand Jesus, it’s important to understand his Jewish background. Jesus was Jewish. His disciples were Jewish. He preached from the Jewish [...]

Christ, Our Passover Lamb2023-03-22T08:45:29-05:00

Be the Hope 2023

“Last year we held our first Be the Hope offering for missions on Easter Sunday. From what we received that Sunday [...]

Be the Hope 20232023-03-16T11:23:38-05:00

God’s Time. Not Mine.

“Have you ever noticed that God rarely consults with us about our calendars? Nor does God send “save the date” notices. [...]

God’s Time. Not Mine.2023-02-26T10:45:19-06:00
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