Too Much of a Good Thing?

This year I’ll have at least three “Thanksgiving” meals. On Thursday, we’ll be at Resurrection church. Then we’ll go to Tami’s [...]

Too Much of a Good Thing?2022-11-20T10:14:09-06:00

One Thing is Certain

There are many events that take place in our lives; some are filled with joy, and some bring sorrow. All of [...]

One Thing is Certain2022-11-13T11:11:18-06:00

New Bishop

On Saturday, November 5, a new bishop was appointed to serve the United Methodist churches in Minnesota. I can’t tell you [...]

New Bishop2022-11-03T09:43:29-05:00


Halloween is a favorite of many people. I am not one of them (though I do enjoy the candy leftover after [...]


On the Radio

My car has a dozen or so radio presets, but I only need three – WCCO for the Twins and the [...]

On the Radio2022-10-23T10:34:25-05:00

Milestone Surprise

As I write this on Monday, October 10th, I’m looking forward to the Bible Milestone events coming up. The Milestone program is [...]

Milestone Surprise2022-10-14T08:45:26-05:00

Another Birthday

Iam fast approaching another birthday. Birthdays aren’t quite what they used to be. As a child my mother would make a [...]

Another Birthday2022-10-09T07:19:46-05:00

Letters of Thanks

The Apostle Paul starts off eight of his letters in the bible by thanking the persons he’s writing to. To the [...]

Letters of Thanks2022-10-02T10:55:18-05:00

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Fall has officially started. One of Aesop’s fables is the story of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper spends the [...]

The Ant and the Grasshopper2022-09-21T10:53:03-05:00

Order Poinsettias & more

Time to order your poinsettias and holiday greens from Gertens! All orders will be made online only using their website (you'll [...]

Order Poinsettias & more2022-09-23T15:45:34-05:00
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