The Ground Blizzard

I was coming back from a church in the western part of Minnesota when I encountered the worst driving conditions I have [...]

The Ground Blizzard2022-01-19T17:55:04-06:00

Missions New and Old

Resurrection Church has supported United Methodist missionaries Ardell and Gordy Graner for many years. Next month they will both be retired [...]

Missions New and Old2022-01-16T11:43:52-06:00

Blame It On December

Well, the Vikings are done for the season so it’s time to turn to thoughts of baseball. Every year I [...]

Blame It On December2022-01-10T15:54:15-06:00

It’s Cold Out There!

Temperatures have hit rock bottom and it seems people approach such weather in two different ways. There are those who embrace [...]

It’s Cold Out There!2022-01-14T08:48:02-06:00

A New Year

As a child, New Year’s Eve was a big deal. Usually we were at our grandparents’. There would be food and [...]

A New Year2021-12-27T15:17:42-06:00

Hot or Cold?

Weather this month just can’t seem to make up its mind. From brutal windchills and snow one week to a string [...]

Hot or Cold?2021-12-10T13:11:38-06:00

Whose Birthday?

My oldest grandson is a “Christmas baby”. Actually, he was born a few days before Christmas, but in his mind he [...]

Whose Birthday?2021-11-22T12:19:00-06:00


When does it happen? When does it go from “Will Christmas ever come?” to “It’s Christmas-time already!”? Does it happen when [...]


It’s Not The Cold

I’ve never been bothered much by the cold. I love taking a walk on a frosty morning when even a blade of [...]

It’s Not The Cold2021-11-08T10:56:41-06:00
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