This year it looks like we won’t have snow for Christmas.

How can that be? When you live here you take snow on Christmas for a birthright. Can Christmas even come when we are staring out at brown grass? Meteorologists tell us 3 of every 10 Christmass are snowless in Minneapolis, but it sure doesn’t seem like Christmas without snow.

Then again, there was no snow in Bethlehem that day. And no Christmas trees. No colored lights. No holiday concerts or Christmas candy. Almost everything we associate with Christmas was missing. But still, Christmas came.

It came because Christmas isn’t really about all the trappings. Christmas is simply about the birth of one most amazing child – Jesus, Immanuel, God with us. Nothing else really matters. If you have Jesus, you have Christmas. 

I’m still hoping for some snow this year; but if we don’t get any, that’s okay. It’s still Christmas because Jesus is with us. Love has come.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.”

Pastor Mark

Remember, we will not be having morning services on Christmas Eve, but I look forward to seeing you in the afternoon at 4:30 or in the evening at 7:00 to celebrate our Savior’s birth and to hear the last of our Sweet Christmas messages – “Old-Fashioned Hard Christmas Candy Mix.”