We are not having a typical winter, to be sure. The forecast calls for multiple days in the upper 40s this week – and as I write this, it is January 31st, a definite change from what we’re used to for this time of year. If you’re someone who loves winter activities, you are having to make some changes to adjust to the warmer temps. You may have heard I’ve changed my hours slightly, going from full-time to ¾ time. It means the daily routine for Dan and me has changed, requiring us to now drive separately during the week. Dan and I have one son/daughter-in-law who have moved to Rosemount, another is moving from Red Wing to Lakeland. That changes our travel time when we visit or help with kids/dogs. Change – it’s a constant in our lives.

I am one of those rare birds that LOVE change; my husband, not so much. New décor, new furniture arrangement, new hairstyle, new foods, new restaurants…for me, it’s wonderful! My husband, on the other hand, thrives with routine. He even has two of the same shirts, so that when one can no longer be worn, he has another to replace it. We all have different comfort levels when it comes to change – and that’s okay. I’ve learned that for some, change needs to happen at a rate with which they can comfortably adjust.

The beginning of a new year often inspires us to introduce changes into our lives – positive changes as we seek to “do better” in the new year. When we initiate the change, it’s a whole lot easier to accept. It doesn’t mean we love it or don’t wish we could go back to the way it used to be, but at least it doesn’t feel like a gut punch, and if we stick with it, some of those changes will become our new routine. Then there are those life events that are not initiated by us – death of a loved one, serious illness, loss of job, and so on. Those are the things none of us want or look forward to, but they are a part of life and unavoidable.

Thankfully, there is one other constant in our lives besides change – our loving, grace-filled, faithful, merciful, and just God – unchanging – God is always good, always loving, always all-powerful. There is incredible comfort in that – we may be fickle, but God is not. In Malachi 3:6a, God says, “I the Lord do not change.” While our moods and emotions may change with the wind, God does not. So regardless of where you fall on the “comfort with change” spectrum, rest in the knowledge that our Lord and Savior does not change. Rock solid – a mighty fortress is our God!

May God’s PEACE be with you as you travel the highways and byways of life.

~ Pastor Julie