Winter Chill

How are campers grouped into cabins?

Campers are grouped into living groups based on age and gender, while always maintaining strict camper-to-staff ratios.

How are campers grouped into cabins?2023-01-25T11:26:52-06:00

What DON’T I bring?

Cell phones MP3 players, iPods, etc. Laptops, tablets, etc. Weaponry of any kind Tobacco Alcohol Drugs Fireworks

What DON’T I bring?2023-01-25T11:24:50-06:00

What do I bring?

Several changes of warm clothing (especially socks!) Bible Journal & pen Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower items, etc.) Bedding (pillow, blanket, sleeping [...]

What do I bring?2023-01-25T11:22:36-06:00
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