I have my own question.

All questions are welcomed! Please use our online form to contact us or call the church office at 651.437.4398 to have your [...]

I have my own question.2022-04-12T16:21:14-05:00

What if my mission isn’t listed?

Resurrection endeavors to support work that’s relationship-based, i.e. hands-on, versus simply giving money or items toward another organization’s cause. Please donate directly [...]

What if my mission isn’t listed?2022-04-12T16:22:12-05:00

Why only once a year?

It's simpler to hold one fundraising event per year rather than overwhelm people with a multitude of fundraisers happening at various [...]

Why only once a year?2022-04-12T16:21:59-05:00

Can I donate online?

Easily and securely. Just use this  weblink: tithe.ly You’ll be able to donate with an online check or credit/debit card, plus the [...]

Can I donate online?2022-04-12T16:20:22-05:00
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