My oldest grandson is a “Christmas baby”. Actually, he was born a few days before Christmas, but in his mind he and Jesus share the same birthday, which is okay with him because all the presents have his name on them. He never has to share any birthday presents with Jesus.

We don’t have to share with Jesus on his birthday either. But what if we did get a present for the Lord this Christmas? What kind of gift would Jesus appreciate? Maybe we could give a gift to his church. He created the church to accomplish his work. We could give a special gift to the church for his birthday. Another idea is to give a gift to “the least of these” as Jesus talks about in Matthew 25. Feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and imprisoned, providing clothes to those in need – these are all ways to give a gift to Jesus. And, of course, we could give the gift of our love and worship.  Giving our time to praise Jesus in worship is a great gift.

Most of us don’t have to share our birthday with Jesus, but we can share a gift with him. After all, it’s his birthday.

Pastor Mark

 Let us give thanks all the time to God through Jesus Christ. Our gift to Him is to give thanks. Our lips should always give thanks to His name.  – Hebrews 13:15 (New Life Version)