This Sunday we will celebrate the Resurrection – the day Jesus rose again to life after having been dead and buried. It is the central act in the story of Jesus and in the faith of the Christians. I was not yet here when this church decided to make it a part of its name, but there couldn’t have been a better choice.

We could have called ourselves St. Something Church but without the Resurrection there would be no saints. We could have called ourselves Grace or Faith or Peace or Hope Church – all wonderful parts of the Christian life – but without the Resurrection we would not have any of these. Or we could have stayed with the location in Hastings as our name. (And be thankful that we do not live in these more unfortunately named locations: Beaver Lick Christian Church, Boring United Methodist Church, Hellhole Swamp Baptist Church.) But the truth is, there would be no church anywhere were it not for the Resurrection.

Because of the Resurrection we can know Jesus the Living Savior. Because of the Resurrection we can be raised to new life. Because of the Resurrection we can face all our fears, even death itself, with confidence in the power and love of God. Resurrection is what we are about as Christians. It’s who we are. It’s even our name here at Resurrection United Methodist Church.

Happy Easter – Happy Resurrection Day!

Pastor Mark

P.S. Remember our Be The Hope mission offering this Easter as we bless orphans in Africa, the needy in Hastings, and provide camp scholarships for our youth.