Duncan Kusant is a youth intern at REZ. Now for some amazing facts:

Briefly: Born in 2001, I am a youth intern here at Resurrection. Aside from working here, I work at Fluegels and have high hopes of getting into first responder work. When I’m not at work, I’m usually at home working on costumes (photos below). I’ve been doing cosplay for the last six years now and it’s become a huge passion of mine.

Favorite Food? (best meal I can remember), I was in Germany visiting some family friends but we didn’t know they were vegetarian. So after two days my brother and I went off and found a gyro shop and after not eating any meat for two days or so, we were pretty happy.

Favorite Book? My favorite book series is called “star wars republic commando” and I really enjoy reading in a coffee shop

Favorite Candy? I’m a life savers kinda guy

Favorite Movie? Gladiator is one of my absolute favorites

Favorite Song? I listen to a lot of christian metal and one of my favorite songs is “Carry me down” by demon hunter

Favorite Star Wars Character(s)? I really love a clone trooper known as “Fives” and a mandalorian named “Kal Skirata” (Kal is from the book series I mentioned)

Most Memorable Experience? It’s hard to choose, but I would have to say going camping with a bunch of my friends. Just a couple guys that love the outdoors and having a good time away from the rest of the world.

Biggest Failure? I can’t say that I have any failures. I believe that something is a failure if I give up on it. There’s a lot of things I messed up on, that’s certain, but I’ve taken a step back and evaluated what I can do differently and go right back to it. For example, my costumes weren’t that good starting out and I did go back and redo one of them. But since I started making suits, I’ve gotten way better and I know the process of making it all quite well. I’ve had to throw away a lot of pieces that weren’t cut right or I did something out of order and I couldn’t salvage it. But in regards to my life and there being any major failures I’ve had to learn from, I just can’t really answer that one. I’ve been pretty persistent and relentless with my goals.

Handmade by Duncan: