This year I’ll have at least three “Thanksgiving” meals. On Thursday, we’ll be at Resurrection church. Then we’ll go to Tami’s parents in Wisconsin and have another Thanksgiving meal. (Her father just had back surgery and can’t travel yet.) Then on Saturday, we’ll celebrate one more Thanksgiving with our children in Lonsdale. I love all the traditional Thanksgiving foods (except sweet potatoes), but three Thanksgiving meals in a week seems like too much of a good thing. 

Of course, I don’t have to pig out at each meal. I could eat in moderation. But who am I kidding? I’ll stuff myself at each meal like I hadn’t eaten since last Thanksgiving. And it may be too much food for any one week, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world because Thanksgiving is not really about the food. The food is great, but for me Thanksgiving is more about the people with whom I spend the day. And there is never too much of good times with friends and family. Even more, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for God’s love and blessings. And there can truly never be too much gratitude.

So this year, whether you are having multiple Thanksgivings or just one (or perhaps no big meal at all), remember to give thanks to the Lord and be grateful for any time you get to spend with those you love. 

Speaking of spending time with people you love, I hope to see you at our Thanksgiving service on Wednesday evening (November 23) at 7:00 pm. Our youth leader Anthony Perry will be delivering the message and there will be pie and coffee afterward. Can there ever be too much pie? 

God bless you this Thanksgiving.
Pastor Mark