Four years ago, one of the young adults who had come through our youth group answered the call to serve as our Youth Director. Anthony Perry (“AP”) began when I was a new pastor at Resurrection. He led through COVID and the struggles of maintaining a youth group when it couldn’t meet in person. And he has led the rebirth of rezYouth in the post-COVID era, with all the new challenges and potential. At the same time, AP also worked part-time serving youth at the YMCA. 

Recently, he was offered a full-time position with the YMCA and will step down as our youth director at the end of the school year. We thank AP for his love and service to Resurrection’s youth over the past four years, and we ask God to bless him in his new work. If you see him in the coming month, let him know his ministry has been appreciated.

We are currently updating the Youth Director job description and will be posting it soon. Please pray for God to already be at work preparing the right candidate to put their name forward. If needed, we will have an interim youth director for the summer, as Summer Sizzler camp and the youth Boundary Waters trip are already scheduled—we don’t want our youth to miss out on these great opportunities. If you know of someone who might be interested in serving on a permanent or interim basis, please let Pastor Julie or me know so we can reach out to them. 

The young people of our community have always been a priority for Rez. So thanks again, AP, for ministering to them, and let us all pray for the next person who will pick up the baton and carry that ministry forward.

Pastor Mark