In the Old Testament there is the concept of the Shmita year. Every 7th year there was to be a reset. The Israelites were required to leave the fields unplanted so the land could rest. Debts were forgiven.
And the perennial crops, such as grapes, were free for anyone to pick. It was a special year.

Every 7 years each pastor in the Minnesota Annual Conference is also required to go through a Shmita year. This doesn’t involve bare fields or cancelled debts, but it is a kind of reset. It’s an intentional year of learning, reflection, renewal, and personal discernment of God’s call for the next 7 years of ministry. 2023 in my required Shmita year. 

Practically, what this means is that I will have some extra things on my plate this year: retreats, study groups, paper writing and classes. I will also need the participation of a sample of the congregation to do an EQ360 evaluation of my emotional intelligence/leadership. Another requirement is a two-week sabbatical to accomplish some of this work and be spiritually prepared for my next season of ministry here with Resurrection.

I would ask that you pray for me during this year, that I might hear what the Holy Spirit wants me to hear and grow to be even more effective as your pastor.

Pastor Mark