As I write this on Monday, October 10th, I’m looking forward to the Bible Milestone events coming up. The Milestone program is a great way to teach kids about some of the important spiritual milestones in the life of a Christian – and then celebrate them. The first is when the kids will learn about the Bible at the workshop held during the week. The second is when the kids will be presented with their Milestone pins at the 10a Sunday morning worship service and get to take their Bibles home. These events had originally been scheduled for this week, but will now be held at a later date (probably early November) due to schedule conflicts.  

But this isn’t just for kids. I had my “born again” moment as a parent sitting in the Bible Workshop with my oldest son, Cody. The facilitator (Peggy Alsdurf) was up at the chalkboard, writing out a timeline of sorts. I had been listening intently, as I had not been an avid Bible reader; in fact, I didn’t even own a Bible! So I sat there, learning right alongside my 2nd grader, and when Peggy turned around and said, “…because there must be payment for sin…” my whole world changed! It was as though someone had flicked a switch! Suddenly, so many of the things I had heard in church growing up became crystal-clear to me. I sat there, looking around, wondering if the other parents could see the change that had just come over me. At that moment, the Holy Spirit revealed Jesus to me in a way I had never known Him. I understood the words I had heard so many times in church… Jesus, the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. 

I left that workshop with a feeling of joy beyond description. I knew one thing for sure – I needed to get my hands on a Bible ASAP! It was immediately apparent that there were things I didn’t know, and that I didn’t even realize I didn’t know! It was an incredible time of spiritual growth in my life. And it all began at a Milestone workshop. 

We’re offering six Milestones this year: 

Preschool – learning to pray (January)

Kindergarten – learning about Baptism (February)

1st grade – the Golden Rule (April)

2nd grade – Holy Communion (March)

3rd grade – The Bible (October)

4th-5th grade – Service (May)

The rezKIDS vision is “to connect the heart of a child to the heart of God”…that is my prayer for all in attendance. Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you on Sunday!

In His grip –

Pastor Julie