When does it happen? When does it go from “Will Christmas ever come?” to “It’s Christmas-time already!”? Does it happen when you go from getting toys to getting clothes? Does it happen when you first discover that your employer doesn’t give you two weeks off for Christmas vacation like you had in school? Does it happen when you have to do all the shopping rather than waiting for Santa to bring the presents? Whenever it happens, there comes a day when Christmas starts surprising you at how quickly it arrives.

With that thought in mind let me just say that Advent starts this Sunday. Already the countdown to Christmas begins. And what a great Advent it will be. Our Advent message series will focus on all the special Christmas foods and how they can not only add to our waistlines, but help us see what God was doing back then and what God is doing this Christmas. Sunday’s message is “Christmas Cookies: Waiting on God”. Advent at Resurrection will also include a special musical Christmas vesper service by Craig Wasner and friends, a time of caroling at Regina, and of course the candlelight Christmas eve services (back indoors this year).

I love this time of year. I just can’t figure out how it came so quickly.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great start to Advent,

Pastor Mark

P.S. Don’t miss the remaining Thanksgiving events:

  • Youth-led Thanksgiving service (+ pie afterwards) at Resurrection on Wednesday, November 24, at 7:00 pm. Come support our youth and hear a message of gratitude from two young preachers.
  • Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Resurrection from 12:00-1:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Volunteers are needed. Sign up at: bit.ly/rez-thanksgiving