It’s hard to believe but I am writing my last words to you for 2022. Where did the year go? I look forward to what God has in store for us at Resurrection in the new year, but what shall I say as a parting word to 2022?

In the 1700’s when John Wesley began the Methodist movement that would ultimately lead to our church, it was popular for people to consider carefully their last mortal words. Many books were written collecting the last words of the departed, and nobody wanted to be remembered for their last words being “Oops!” or other such inglorious expressions.

John Wesley is said to have uttered on several occasions the words that he hoped would be his last—the words he wanted people to remember him by; or more importantly, simply to remember themselves. Those words were: “Best of all is, God is with us.” Not bad for last words. Not bad for one’s final words. And not bad to remember as we close out 2022.

2022 had some tremendous highs, and some lows too, but as we wrap up the year there is nothing so wonderful as the fact that through it all God has been with us. And God will be with us through all that 2023 brings as well. Truly, best of all is, God is with us.

Have a blessed New Year!
Pastor Mark

And they will call him Immanuel which means “God with us.”  – Matthew 1:23