MAY 14  / Sunday – Read Mark 10:13-16

Overview: A special message to thank moms, and all who value the children in their homes, communities, and world.

15 / Mon – Having kids makes you a parent  |  Read Mark 10:13-15 and 9:42  (NLT)

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day, a time to honor moms, but it is also a day to celebrate children. They are the ones who make us parents. In recent years, there has been a trend of young adults choosing not to have kids because children are seen as an expensive burden. Here Jesus shows us how God sees children. How should this impact the way we value kids and how we treat them, both as a society and as the church? What are we doing well? Where can we do better?

16 / Tue – Raising the next generation  |  Read Mark 10:16

As adults, we might make the mistake of not thinking past our own lifetime. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you are (collectively) helping to raise the next generation. You have an impact on every child in your life. You pass along values and attitudes by your actions, your words, the way you treat others. Even kids you don’t know are watching. Will you be careful how you treat them? Invest in their lives with a smile, a blessing or encouraging words wherever you can. God can use even one positive interaction to change everything for that child. Watch for every opportunity.

17 / Wed – A small window of time  |  Read Exodus 2:1-10 (NLT)

Moses’ mother gave her baby to the Lord but he was returned to her for a few short years before she had to permanently surrender him to a pagan princess who would raise and educate him in the ways and religion of false gods. What did his mother teach him as a toddler that must have stayed with him? What seeds of truth were planted and then watered with her prayers while they were apart? Her early influence bore fruit even though she may not have lived to see it. Who are you teaching and praying for?

18 / Thu – Wanting the best for them  |  Read 1 Samuel 1:10-11, 19-28 and 2:18-21

Most parents want to give their children the best life they can. It might be a better education or opportunities in sports or the arts. Hannah wanted a son but her goal was that he would become a man of God. What a sacrifice it was for her to give him up. Yet God used Samuel to guide his nation during a tumultuous time, pointing them back to a right relationship with the Lord. Only God knows the plans he has for the children in your life. How will you use the brief time you have with them to teach what the most important things in life are?

19 / Fri – Proud parent?  |  Read Proverbs 17:6 (NLT)

Behind almost every famous person is a proud parent. But did you know that the Bible looks at that relationship differently? Children are the ones who should be proud of their parents. When they see that your actions match your words, that you love God with your whole heart, that you let his word guide your life, and when you love them and others wisely, you make them proud. Does this mean you have to be perfect? Absolutely not. Humble confession earns their respect.

20 / Sat – When you are gone  |  Read Psalm 61:5

Think of someone who had a positive impact on you as a child. What was it about them that impressed you? Now consider what legacy you are leaving the children in your life. How do you want to be remembered? What will they say when you are gone? You are building your legacy right now. Ask the Lord to help you to see any place you might need a course correction. It’s not too late to have a godly impact on the next generation.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.