OCT 29  / Sunday – Read Isaiah 45:3 (New Living Translation)

Overview: You may not feel comfortable giving your name to a total stranger. But aren’t you glad God knows it?

30 / Mon – Fear not  |  Read Psalm 139:1-6 / Jeremiah 29:11

One Day with Manu, by Armstrong Sperry, describes a day in the life of a little boy who lives on the island of Bora Bora. He’s introduced as Manu but that is his everyday name. His real name is known only to his father and mother. It is kept secret because they believe that if the spirits of the South Seas found out what it was, they would hurt the little boy. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to be afraid of the real God? He knows everything about you. He loves you and His plans for you are good.

31 / Tue – Who are You?  |  Read Exodus 3:11-15 / Matthew 7:7-8

Moses grew up in a culture that worshiped multiple gods, each having power over a certain domain. Pharaoh was considered a god so he’d want to know which god was making the demand for him to release his slaves. God revealed Himself to Moses – and through Moses – as I AM WHO I AM, the God who is all powerful, all-knowing, everywhere-present and sovereign. You may not be standing in front of a burning bush but don’t be afraid to ask God to show you who He is. When He does, It will change you forever.

NOV 01 / Wed – Invisible  |  Read Genesis 16:1-13

It is one thing to believe in a powerful, all-knowing God who rules the universe. It is quite another to believe that He is concerned with your individual struggles. This was Hagar’s story. She was a slave who had no rights. She ran away after being mistreated by her mistress. In the desert, she had an unexpected encounter with the Lord. As a result of their conversation, what name did she give Him in v13? When you are struggling and feel invisible, remember who your God is. He always sees you and always understands, even if no one else does.

02 / Thu – Names have meaning  |  Read Psalm 9:10 / Proverbs 18:10

Do you have trouble trusting God sometimes? Like Manu and others you may know, our God has more than one name. Each describes something about His trustworthiness. Just as learning about a person’s character will either increase or decrease the level of trust you place in them, so it is with your God. In the Old Testament, He is known as Jehovah-Nissi (God my refuge), Jehovah-Jireh (God who provides), Jehovah-Rapha (God who heals), Jehovah-Shalom (God my peace). Explore some of these Hebrew names for yourself and you will see what an amazing person He is.

03 / Fri – Two defining names  |  Read Matthew 1:18-25 / Romans 10:11-13 / Isaiah 7:14

Did you know the name Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua which means God saves? This gives a whole new level of understanding regarding the angel’s message to Joseph. Through his life, death and resurrection, Jesus broke down the barrier between us and the holy Lord God. His birth fulfilled Isaiah’s ancient prophecy that he would become Immanuel (God with us). What beautiful words. What a precious gift. Never take it for granted.

04 / Sat – What a wonderful name  |  Read Acts 3:6-7, 4:8-10 / Philippians 2:9-11

There is no more powerful name in all the universe. The miracles done during Jesus’ life on earth and by his followers after Jesus went back to his Father are only a tiny sample of the power in his name. If you have been treating the name of Jesus casually because you have become so familiar with it, will you ask the Holy Spirit to show you the magnitude of this privilege to bear his name, to be his representative? Jesus is the Lord, the Christ, the Immanuel and our Savior.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.