DEC 04  / Sunday | “Which Jesus?” Message Series – Read Read Isaiah 7:14

Overview: This week’s Advent message imitates the Jeopardy game show, where Jesus is the question to which the biblical prophecies are the answer.

05 / Mon – Trivia games  |  Read Genesis 3:14-15, especially 15b

Trivia question-answer games are popular. You can find one for almost any subject…history, sports, entertainment, literature or science. There are even trivia games to test your Bible knowledge. One trivia question might be “Who was Jesus?” Starting in Genesis, God repeatedly promised he would send a Savior. He did not specify when the one the Jews called Messiah would arrive but many clues were found in the prophecies of the Old Testament. Why was this so important?

06 / Tue – The forerunner  |  Read Isaiah 40:3-5 / Luke 1:5-17 and 67-80 / Mark 1:1-8

One prophetic clue was that a messenger would precede the Messiah. When nobility or royalty approached a place, they would send a designated person ahead to announce their imminent arrival, in order to prepare the way. John was to be that messenger. God revealed this to Zechariah, John’s father, beforehand and he announced it in Lk. 1:76-77. Has God called you to help prepare the way so those, who haven’t met Jesus yet, will be able to recognize him?

07 / Wed – Family tree  |  Read Matt 1:1-16 / Luke 3:23-38 / Gal 3:16 / Rom 1:2–4

Another clue about the Messiah was his lineage. God promised Abraham and King David that the Messiah would come through that family line. Matthew and Luke listed Jesus’ lineage back to both men through Joseph’s line (his supposed father) and his mother Mary’s so there would not be any doubt. What differences do you see between the two? Any other significant things you have never noticed before? What do these things say about God’s faithfulness to fulfill his promises?

08 / Thu – Say what?!  |  Read Isaiah 7:14

Born of a virgin? This was what Isaiah wrote about the coming Messiah, but it wasn’t something he just made up. As he stated, “…the Lord God himself will give you a sign…” This kind of thing had never happened before nor since. It is evidence that God will do impossible things to fulfill his plan to save fallen humankind. To save you. To restore the relationship between you two, because of his great love. That is why Jesus came. What unusual things has God done to draw you to himself?

09 / Fri – Not just some random place  |  Read Micah 5:2 / Luke 2:1-7

Do you realize how much God is in the details? Through the prophet Micah, God foretold where the Messiah would be born. It was such a well-known prophecy, even in Jesus’ day, that some people rejected him because he came from Nazareth. They assumed. Ever do that? Fun fact: the name Bethlehem literally means house of bread. Remember what Jesus said in John 6:35? How do these things impact your trust in God’s ability to take care of all the details of your life?

10 / Sat – The answer  |  Read Romans 5:1-2

So now you know. Jesus can be the answer to a biblical trivia question but he is not trivial. His birth was the fulfillment of God’s promise (to save, redeem, renew, restore, recreate people in his original image) given long before anyone knew they needed it. What a perfect time to celebrate all God has done in the past, what he is doing right now, and the incredible things he has for you in the future. Will you allow this perspective to expand your joy in this holy season of waiting?


The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.