Oct 24 / Sunday – Overview | Matthew 6:7-13 / 1 Corinthians 15:3-6

Our “Weird Word” message series looks at important words used by Christians, but that are just plain weird to other people. Each week’s message will unpack one or more of these words to try and “un-weird” them.

25 / Mon – Hallowed  |  Read Matthew 6:9

If you have heard this prayer recited in a church service, there may be some words that seem unusual. The first such word is hallowed meaning revered, holy, honored. In this instance, Jesus says we should revere, honor and consider God’s name holy. The way you speak about God will affect those around you who may not know Him yet. How do you treat God’s name? Is it holy to you? Do you honor it reverently with a deep respect tinged with awe?

26 / Tue – Trespass  |  Read Matthew 6:12

When praying the most common version of the Lord’s prayer, notice how you ask God to forgive your trespasses as you forgive those who trespass against you. Today, trespass commonly means to go on another person’s property without permission. It can be physically or figuratively. When someone has trespassed on your ‘property’ or rights, is it a challenge to forgive them? Where do you trespass on God’s domain and need His forgiveness? How are these two connected?

27 / Wed – Apostles’ Creed  |  Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 / Romans 10:9-10

An apostle means one sent as a messenger or emissary. Jesus sent his disciples to tell the good news so that made them apostles. A creed is an authoritative short summary of beliefs. If you were to write a creed for yourself, what would it include? One example is found in what Paul wrote to the Corinthians. The apostles did not write the Apostles’ Creed directly but it reflects what they believed and taught. Does it express your beliefs? In what ways?

28 / Thu – The church universal  |  Read Ephesians 6:18-20

The English word catholic came from a Greek word that meant universal or whole. Here it refers to the body of Christ which exists in every nation on earth. If you believe this to be true, how does it affect the way you think of and the way you pray for your Christian brothers and sisters in other regions or countries? Are you aware that many of them are physically persecuted because they choose to follow Jesus? Sometimes you can’t help them but prayer goes where you cannot.

29 / Fri – The communion of saints  |  Read Hebrews 12:1

Jesus’ church has members from every tribe and nation, from every geographical location, and from every historical era. People who love God and love others and trust Jesus for their salvation. You are connected to all those faithful believers…in your own family or friends God has brought into your life or those you’ve never met but whose life-stories have helped you to grow. How are you connecting to people in your sphere of influence now? What testimony will you leave behind?

30 / Sat – I want to believe  |  Read Mark 9:21-28

Maybe you don’t have it all together. Maybe there are things you do not understand. Maybe there are pieces of this creed or scriptures or Jesus’ teaching that are confusing. That’s okay. Jesus did not turn this desperate man away because he was honest and Jesus won’t turn away from your honesty either. Echoing this prayer in v. 24 opens you to new possibilities. You give the Holy Spirit permission to show you a new way to think and live. Will you humble yourself and ask?

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.