03 / Sunday – Overview | Read Genesis 3 / Romans 5

Our “Weird Word” message series looks at important words used by Christians, but that are just plain weird to other people. Each week’s message will unpack one or more of these words to try and “un-weird” them.

04 / Mon – Giving in | Read Genesis 3:1-24

In the beginning, God created the first two people. He fashioned a beautiful place for them to live. He gave them important work to do. They went on evening walks together. Then a villain entered the story. He tempted them to doubt their Creator’s good intentions. They caved in the face of his persuasive speech. Have you been in this place, knowing the difference between right and wrong but choosing to do the wrong thing anyway? What would be different now if you hadn’t given in?

05 /Tue – Right in the middle | Read Matthew 12:33-34

Sinful actions result from a sinful mindset, one that each of us is born with. It is more obvious in toddlers or immature people. Just notice how many times they use the words I, me, or mine. When challenged, selfish actions are justified because that person needs, wants or deserves something. In short, it is a state of selfishness that comes from ‘me’ being at the center of all things. Have you seen these tendencies in your own life? If so, what is your response?

06 / Wed – Laws | Read Ex. 20:13 / Matt. 5:21-22 / Ex. 20:14 / Matt. 5:27-28

Laws help define what is right and what is wrong. Well-written laws are specific enough that anyone can recognize when they are breaking one. The laws God gave to His people in the Old Testament were focused on behavior. Jesus helped them understand that God isn’t just interested in outward obedience but also obedience of the heart. It can be easier sometimes to obey the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it. What motivates you to do the right thing for the right reason?

07 /Thu – Unexpected key | Read Matthew 22:34-40 / Romans 13:9-10

Here is another example of Jesus bringing clarity to his listeners regarding the Law. He spoke to the heart of the matter when he explained how love fulfills the law. Paul echoed this truth in his letter to the Romans. Could this be a time for some soul-searching questions? Do you have difficulty loving others? Does God seem distant? Is it hard for you to trust Him? Your honesty with God in answering such questions can open the door for transformation in your relationship with Him.

08 /Fri – Resolve | Read Genesis 3:6 / 1 Corinthians 10:15

Is there a bit of a rebel in you? Do you find yourself edging past the speed limit at times? Do you see the words “do not” and want to do exactly what the sign says you shouldn’t? Welcome to the human race. As you revisit the Eden story, what do you notice about Eve’s attitude? She knew what God had commanded but she let the ‘benefits’ of disobedience overcome her resolve. When sin whispers in your ear, what keeps you steadfast in refusing its temptation?

09 / Sat – Confession | Read Romans 7:21-24

Do you relate to Paul’s words here? What are some of the things you struggle with? Do you have a measure of victory over any of them? What has helped you stand strong against temptations in the past? Paul ends his confession with some powerful words of hope (v. 25a). Write them in the space below and ask the Holy Spirit to make this truth a solid rock to stand on.

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