SEP 25  / Sunday – Read Mark 15:25-39 / Psalm 68:19 / Galatians 6:2

Overview: Jesus offers to trade burdens. He tells us to take his burden because it’s easy and light and will give us rest.

26 / Mon – Everybody has them  |  Read Matthew 11:28-30

One dictionary definition of ‘burden’ says…that which is carried; a load; something that is exacting, oppressive or difficult to bear. Are there things in your life that could fit this definition? What are some examples? Burdens can be temporary or may be something you’ve carried for a long time. Have you heard or read these words of Jesus before? Take them to heart and then describe what Jesus’ rest could look like in your life

27 / Tue – The biggest burden every human being bears  |  Read Mark 15:25-39

Common to every person is the burden of sin (Romans 3:23). Until that burden has been taken care of, nothing else can be dealt with effectively. In John Bunyan’s famous story, Pilgrim’s Progress, the main character is plagued by a heavy burden on his back that no one else can see. It contained the knowledge of his sin. It dropped from his shoulders as he knelt before the cross. Have you had a similar experience where you recognized your sin and Jesus took that burden off your back?

28 / Wed – Daily burdens  |  Read Psalm 68:19-20

Everyone is carrying something that weighs them down. It is often unseen and no one else knows. Is this happening to you? Let the words from this psalm saturate your heart. The writer recognizes it is the Lord who daily bore his burdens. That is what love does. Are there times when it doesn’t seem like God cares that you are struggling? Is it because he’s waiting for you to ask for help?

29 / Thu – A common burden |  Read Matthew 6:25-34 / Philippians 4:19

Worry is a heavy burden. It hardly matters what you are worrying about (the future, your finances, your health, the wellbeing of your family) the more you dwell on it, the heavier it becomes. These words of Jesus may be very familiar to you. Read them again slowly and thoughtfully. Why does Jesus literally command that you are not to worry? Is it possible that worrying is an insult to your heavenly Father, a statement that you don’t really believe he is capable enough to provide?

30 / Fri – Another deadly burden  |  Read Romans 8:1 / 1 John 3:20

People often carry the burden of condemnation. It is silent but deadly. It can kill your spirit, your will to live and any hope for a better tomorrow. Condemnation can come from within as you review your failures. It may come from others whose words cut to your heart. True guilt is good when it leads to repentance but condemnation is a twisted weapon the enemy uses in his efforts to destroy what God is creating in you. Is condemnation pushing you down? Let God’s truth set you free.

01 / Sat – When the shoe is on the other foot  |  Read Galatians 6:2

Once you have surrendered your burdens to the Lord and he has helped you, then you will have opportunities to help others. When you see someone else struggling, you can walk alongside and encourage them. It might be through your willingness to listen and pray for them. Your words can encourage someone who is down. There may be tangible ways to help. And when you are in similar situations, others will do the same for you. That’s what love does.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.