JUL 24 / Sunday – Acts 10:1-48

Overview: It’s a lesson on not rejecting people.

25 / Mon – Good…or maybe not  |  Read Leviticus 11:46-47

Not all you can eat is good for you. When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, he gave them a new way to live, including what they should and should not eat. Here are some categories: animals (11:1-8), creatures living in water (v. 9-12), birds (v. 13-19), insects that fly (v. 20-23), animals that crawl on the ground (v. 29-30, 41-42). Why such specific detail? How does this relate to Adam and Eve’s story in Genesis 3? Do you trust that God always has your best interests at heart?

26 / Tue – You want me to do what?!  |  Read Acts 10:1-22

Cornelius was given a vision from God (v. 1-8) and took action. Meanwhile the Lord gave Peter a vision, as well. He had grown up following the dietary laws detailed in Leviticus 11 so he reacted quickly with an emphatic NO to God’s directive. Maybe Peter thought it was a temptation or test. What misunderstanding was the Lord addressing? Has God ever asked you to do something that went against the traditions you grew up with? What happened?

27 / Wed – Start here  |  Read Acts 10:23-33

It is interesting that Peter started by asking Cornelius why he had sent for him. Do you sometimes assume you know what someone needs or wants without taking time to ask? It is an easy habit to fall into but Peter followed Christ’s example. Many times, when people came to Jesus, he would ask their reason, even if he may have already known it, and then listened before he responded. It might be good to apply this in your own encounters with others. What pitfalls might it help you avoid?

28 / Thu – The Holy Spirit in you |  Read Acts 10:34-43

Peter stated what Cornelius already knew (v. 34-38). Then he told the ‘rest of the story’ in v. 39-43. How many sentences, in this section, did it take Peter to lay out the basics of the gospel? Does this help you to realize you don’t need a prepared script to share Jesus’ story with others? No elaborate speech to prepare. You just tell what you know and the Holy Spirit does the rest. Will you ask the Lord to lead you to someone who needs to hear and then trust His power to work through you?

29 / Fri – The unexpected happens  |  Read Acts 10:44-48

Peter’s companions were astonished with what happened next. Was it because they doubted God would save anyone who was not Jewish? Especially not a Roman! Do you underestimate what God wants? Do you ‘write some people off’ because they would ‘never be interested’ or because they are ‘so close-minded’? Remember: Peter spent time talking with God before he ever spoke to Cornelius. That is the best place to start. Right?

30 / Sat – Before you critique…  |  Read Acts 11:1-4, 17-18 / Romans 2:9-11

Peter’s actions caused a flurry of criticism but he faced it squarely, confident about what he had done. Once the facts were known, the other believers understood it was God at work extending the borders of His kingdom to the Gentiles. They grew excited about this new thing God was doing and embraced it wholeheartedly. Are you criticized for a God-directed action? Stay committed. Or have you criticized someone else’s actions? Make sure you know all the facts before you respond.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.