APR 24 / Sunday – Read John 20:24-31

Overview: As we understand Jesus we understand God, for Jesus is God.

25 / Mon – Incomprehensible  |  Read John 14:7-9 / John 20:28

One of the things that makes God…well, God, is that he is incomprehensible, too much for finite minds to understand. But he wanted us to know him so, starting with Adam, God began to reveal himself in ways people could understand. The Old Testament is full of these events. In the gospels, Jesus’ disciples knew he was the Messiah but was it the realization that he was God (as Thomas first voiced it) that irrevocably changed their lives? Want to see more clearly who God is? Spend serious time reading and pondering Jesus’ words/actions. Maybe write down what you learn?

26 / Tue – What do you love about him?  |  Read John 10:30 / Colossians 2:9

Jen Wilkin, in her book None Like Him,  describes two categories of attributes God has revealed about himself. First, those only God can be and which we can not (e.g., all-powerful, all- knowing, everywhere present, self-existent, self- sufficient) and secondly, those we can emulate (e.g., good, patient, holy, wise, loving, merciful, just). When Jesus came as a human, he modeled these for us in ways we could understand. Which of his qualities are most precious to you? Take time to tell him.

27 / Wed – How often will God forgive?  |  Read Matthew 18:21-22 / Colossians 3:13

In Jewish tradition, a person is required to forgive an offender three times. After that, they’re under no obligation. Peter asked Jesus a question about that, generously mentioning seven times. What was Jesus’ surprising response? One of the hallmarks of Jesus’ interactions with people was how freely he forgave, even those who didn’t deserve it, reflecting how our heavenly Father forgives. What does his example show you about God? About yourself?

28 / Thu – Does God care about suffering?  |  Read John 11:17-35 / Matthew 5:4

One of the roadblocks that keeps many people from believing in a loving God is why he would allow (undeserved) suffering. How would you answer that question? The true answer is most likely one our minds never comprehend so God does not explain it. But through Jesus, you see what he does when people are hurting. There are no promises we will be exempt from sorrow, but our God is full of compassion. Jesus promises comfort. You never grieve alone.

29 / Fri – Does God notice the ‘little’ people?  |  Read Mark 12:41-44

Do you act differently around someone you are impressed with than a person who seems to be unimportant? It is a common reaction. Who was the overlooked person in this story? Even amid the hustle and bustle of the temple, Jesus saw her. It is possible she didn’t notice him standing there or didn’t hear what he said. But the disciples did, the ones who argued over which of them would get the place of honor in Jesus’ new kingdom. When you feel overlooked, remember, he sees you.

30 / Sat – Does God care about what you need?    |  Read Luke 5:1-7 / Luke 9:10-17

Peter and Andrew needed a good catch to sell at market. There were groceries to buy and bills to pay. But they came up empty. Did God care? Jesus demonstrated that God did and would provide for them, even if it took a miracle. When a few thousand people were unable to tear themselves away from Jesus and they ran out of food, he displayed God’s care for their physical, as well as their spiritual, needs. It still happens today because God cares about you too.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.