APR 16  / Sunday | Series: Hope Wins – Read John 20:19-31

Overview: We doubt anything will be okay. Take your pick: climate, kids, gun issues, war, etc.. But that’s okay—Jesus still loves doubters.

17 / Mon – Seeing is believing?  |  Read John 20:1-10, 19-20, 24-29

Some news seems too good to be true. The disciples had experienced the most tragic day of their lives. So when someone said Jesus was alive again, it was hard to believe. In fact, it wasn’t until he appeared in the locked room where they were hiding and spoke that they began to understand the impossible had occurred. Do you struggle with doubt? Are you ashamed to admit those thoughts to the Lord? Don’t be afraid to be honest. He will not love you any less.

18 / Tue – Doubt vs belief  |  Read Mark 9:14-27

The son he loved was in desperate need of a miracle. No one else was able to help and it seemed an impossible situation. When Jesus countered the father’s request with the statement in v 23, this man was honest. He was a doubter and he knew it. He believed enough in his head to approach Jesus but understood his heart was still fighting unbelief. Do you find yourself in that situation? As Jesus met him where he was, he’ll do the same for you when you confess your need.

19 / Wed – What are you looking at?  |  Read Matthew 14:22-33

The days after Jesus’ death were not the first of Peter’s struggles of faith. In this familiar story, he believed Jesus enough to step out onto the waves and was actually walking on water. Imagine how that felt! Then he began to look around at his situation. What three things did Peter do next in v 30? How interesting that Jesus waited until Peter cried out for help before he took action. Are you ever tempted to take your eyes off Jesus in stressful times? What is the remedy?

20 / Thu – Start here  |  Read Hebrews 11:1, 6 and 12:2a

It has been said that the opposite of doubt is faith. The writer of Hebrews gives a working definition in 11:1 followed by a list of examples from history. But faith in what? And where should a person start? The clue is in v 6. What two things are required in order to please God? And if you begin to feel inadequate, read the encouragement in 12:2a. How can you apply these truths in your life today? And how will you use them to fight against the enemy of your faith?

21 / Fri – Your heart matters to God  |  Read Proverbs 4:23 / Isaiah 55:8-9

The way to your heart is through your mind. Thoughts come and go, some of your own volition and others from seeds slipped in by your enemy. Whatever you dwell on in your mind filters down into your heart and the resulting feelings drive your actions. How can you prevent doubts from taking root in your heart? Guard your mind by stopping to consider the source of thoughts coming into it, by comparing them to what you know about God, and by immersing yourself in his thoughts as found in the scriptures. The more you do these things, the less susceptible you’ll be to doubt.

22 / Sat – What about doubters you meet?  |  Read Jude 1:22

Jude wrote to warn of certain individuals who had secretly slipped in among the believers and were perverting the gospel for their own gain. He delivers a damning description of these spiritually dangerous people. But instead of judging those who had fallen under their spell, he had a different response in v 22. Most scholars believe that this writer, Jude, was one of Jesus’ younger brothers (Matt 13:54-55). Do you suppose his compassion came from the fact that he too doubted Jesus’ divinity until after the resurrection? If Jesus loved doubters, will you show mercy as he did?


The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.