APR 09  / Sunday | Series: Impossible Commands – Read John 11:38-44 / Matthew 28:1-10

Overview: Jesus calls us even now to come out of whatever temporary tombs in which we find ourselves in to receive new life in him.

10 / Mon – Jesus is alive!  |  Read Matt 28:1-10

Over the past weekend, Christians worldwide celebrated Jesus’ death and resurrection. His death paid the sin-debt for every human being who is willing to accept it. His resurrection proved that he is who he claimed to be…the Son of God, the Messiah, Savior of the world. It validated all that he preached and taught. Because of this, you can have hope for the future. Death is not the end. It is just the beginning. Do you believe this? If so, what difference does it make in how you live?

11 / Tue – Another resurrection story  |  Read John 11:38-44

To set the stage, Lazarus was dead. Wrapped in burial strips as was the custom, his body was lying in the burial cave with a stone in front of the door. Dead for four days! Jesus went to the cave and gave this personal, yet impossible, command Lazarus, come out! The power of those words enabled Lazarus to obey.  Do you feel stuck, unable to move? What cave is Jesus calling you to come out of? When you admit your condition, ask for his help, ready to take action, Jesus will free you also.

12 / Wed – Second chances  |  Read John 12:9-11

Do you ever wonder what Lazarus’ life was like after he came back from the dead? Did his priorities change? Were certain things less important than they were before? Have you ever gotten a second chance? What happened afterwards? Did your good intentions start to gradually fade away as life returned to ‘normal’? That is not uncommon. No effort can sustain itself alone. If you find yourself back where you don’t want to be, know that Jesus never condemns you but stands ready to help. Start by admitting you can’t but he can. Trust him enough that you will take the first step.

13 / Thu – A quick review  |  Read Mark 10:27

We’re at the end of the series Impossible Commands where we looked at some commands God expects his people to obey: be perfect, love God, love others, rejoice always, don’t be afraid, give cheerfully, be completely humble/forgiving and come out of that grave. Which is the most daunting for you? Have you learned to be honest with yourself and with God? Do you sorrowfully confess you don’t even want to obey his commands? Do you specifically ask for his help? Then do you take action, trusting his enabling power to help you obey? The impossible becomes possible.

14 / Fri – Run for your life  |  Read 1 Cor 6:18 / 1 Cor 10:14 / Gen 4:7 / James 1:14-15

In Impossible Commands, author Jonty Allcock explores one last command God gives: run away!  

“Running away from something that is deeply attractive to us is impossible…(but) like a snarling wild animal that wants to sink its teeth into you…(this) is one of the first ways the Bible represents sin to us. It is personified as an ambushing enemy that has a whole range of desires and intentions to do us harm” (Ch 11). How might this view of sin change the way you resist temptation when it seems so much easier than going God’s way? What are your weak areas? What will you do about them?

15 / Sat – Your holy body  |  Read 1 Cor 6:15a, 19-20

You belong to Jesus. He lives in you. HE is your hope.  Allcock writes: “Sometimes our culture can reduce our bodies to the level of desires that must be obeyed. Sin leaves us with a low view of our bodies…but Jesus…places enormous value on our bodies…Jesus gave his body to buy yours. Let your frustration and disappointment keep driving you back to him.” How can this perspective, that your body is his home, help you resist temptation and make obeying him your highest goal?

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.