JAN 15, 2023  / Sunday | Series: God Could Use Someone Like You – Read Genesis 18:1-5 and 9-15

Overview: Bet no one believes a woman can conceive and birth a child when they’re over 65. Guess what? Age is no barrier to being used by God.

16 / Mon – Me?!  |  Read Genesis 18:9-15

Sarah was 89 when the Lord’s messenger said she would have a son when he came back a year later. And she laughed, privately of course. Didn’t he know she was past childbearing years? She was old and worn out. What was the Lord’s answer in verse 14? Maybe you are not chronologically old but you are worn out. Maybe you don’t feel equal to the task to which you sense God is calling you. Are you at least willing to put aside any excuses that jump to the front of your mind?

17 / Tue – Watching for God at work  |  Read Luke 2:22-33

Simeon’s age is not recorded but his words indicate his death was not far off. What promise had God given him (v. 26)? When the promise was fulfilled that day at the temple, what did Simeon say to these new parents to confirm how God was leading them? God often uses older Christians to influence younger generations through how they live and what they say. Ever had a ‘Simeon’ in your life? Who is the ‘Joseph’ or ‘Mary’ God may want you to encourage?

18 / Wed – The right place at the right time  |  Read Luke 2:36-38

Anna was elderly and had been a widow for many years. It might have been tempting for her to fall into self-pity because of her circumstances, things over which she had no control. But she did not. How did she spend her days instead? Where was her focus? How did spending all that time in God’s presence prepare her for the simple, yet important, part she played in welcoming the Messiah? Young or old or in-between, God can use you to do his work as you keep your focus on him.

19 / Thu – Never too old  |  Read Genesis 5:32 and 7:6 and 8:13 and 9:28-29

Speaking of old age, remember Noah? If you translate his age into current lifespans, Noah would have become a father at age 50, built the ark and survived the flood by age 61. Then he would have spent the next 34 years building a new civilization in the completely-foreign physical world left after the flood, before he died at 95. We are the recipients of his obedience to God’s strange directions. Are you willing to start over at an inopportune time to do something new if God asked?

20 / Fri – ‘Later’ may never come  |  Read Psalm 39:4-5

There are those who say they’ll get serious about their relationship with God when they are older. They have too many things they want to accomplish before settling into a religious life. A brief look at the obituaries shows there are no guarantees of how much time we’ll have on earth. No matter what your age, don’t put off making yourself available to God. Others will attest there is no greater satisfaction than doing what God has called you to do. What might be holding you back?

21 / Sat – Where to start?  |  Read Matthew 25: 34-40

Near the end of his life, Jesus told his disciples of a future event. What were some of the things he wanted his disciples to do? Who were the unlikely recipients of their actions? It can be challenging, at times, to see Jesus in the faces of those he has called you to serve. But if you do – oh, what a difference it can make! This list is not complete and has no age limits. Will you ask God to show you what he wants you to do? You may even get excited about his answer!

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.