Morning Mugs: Stewarding Earth

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Please join us for an engaging discussion on climate change, its
impact, and how we are all called to be stewards to the earth at
this critical time, in benefit to our families, neighbors and future

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Bill Middlecamp is a man of science and a
man of faith. He has a degree in Meteorology from the University
of Wisconsin and has been an environmental activist for ten
years. He is a commissioned “Earthkeeper” with the United
Methodist Church and a charter member in a coalition of
churches called Interfaith Creation Care South Metro.

Bill grew up in a family of fourteen, where he learned from an
early age about stewarding resources for the good of all. He’s
always had an insatiable curiosity, which led him to study
physics, climatology, meteorology, and computer science in
college. His training and his faith gave him the perspective that
we all have a role to play in solving the problems associated with
a changing atmosphere.

“My faith requires me to love my neighbor, which means I cannot
ignore the harmful side effects of everyday life in this society that
fall on disadvantaged souls in future times and lands far from
mine. In my small way, I am holding up a sign that says ‘Do not be
afraid.’ Do not be afraid—we can solve this with less suffering and
more freedom than if we let our fears paralyze us.”

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