“Last year we held our first Be the Hope offering for missions on Easter Sunday. From what we received that Sunday ($14,210) and in the months to follow, we were able to give over $20,000 to orphans in Africa (Zoe Empowers), people in need in the Hastings area (Hastings Family Service), and rezYouth so students could go to camp and other activities. We also responded to emergency needs such as Pastor Max’s typhoon recovery in the Philippines.

This coming Easter, April 9, we will once again Be the Hope for others. Can we do even more this year? The goal is $25,000. The majority of funds raised will be directed to our three primary missions—one in the Resurrection community, one in the local Hastings community, and one in the world community, with the remainder being used for emerging mission needs that arise over the year:

  1. REZ Hope: rezYouth scholarships for camps and other student activities. (30%) 
  2. Hastings Hope: Hastings Family Service for their work with people in need in our area (30%) 
  3. International Hope: Zoe Empowers for equipping orphans and vulnerable children in Africa to overcome poverty and become strong, independent adults (30%) 
  4. Emergency Hope: Used for emerging mission needs that arise over the year (10%)

On the day we celebrate the greatest news of all time, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we want to share our joy by blessing others in Jesus’ name. Look for more information throughout Lent on Be the Hope.

Pastor Mark