JUN 25  / Sunday – Read Luke 16:19-31

Overview: There isn’t a much better tool for spreading the gospel than a dog (sorry cat people; it’s just the way it is). Let’s find out why canines have been used to help teach us so much about God.

26 / Mon – What kind of ‘dog’ are you?  |  Read Genesis 1:24-25

A dog is a man’s best friend. Have you ever heard anyone say that? Although there are different breeds and personalities, the most positive qualities about a good dog might include their loyalty, obedience and faithfulness. Some dogs are especially calm, smart and responsive, well suited to serving those with special needs, such as visually impaired. Therapy dogs can bring comfort to lonely people or help trauma patients heal. If you were a dog, what would your best qualities be?

27 / Tue – Good dogs pay attention  |  Read Luke 16:19-31 (esp v 21)

The dogs in his house had more compassion on Lazarus than the rich man did. Is it a strange thing  that these animals licked Lazarus’ sores? Probably, unless you realize they were trying to comfort him. This action demonstrated they knew he was hurting. How quickly do you notice when a person near you is struggling? When you do, are you tempted to walk away because you don’t know what to say? Ask the Lord to show you how to express compassion. It can make a huge difference.

28 / Wed – Who’s in charge?  |  Read Romans 6:17-18

Whatever a dog’s personality, obedience training is imperative. You’ve probably seen what happens when a dog owner lets their pet run wild. The results can be disastrous, especially when others are around. Constant barking, threatening unfamiliar people, even attacking them, running into danger. That is how we may act when we aren’t submitted to Jesus as our master. Will you let his training teach you to be more attentive and obedient to his commands?

29 / Thu – Tenacious dogs  |  Read Matthew 15:21-28

The word ‘dog’ was often used by the Jews as a derogatory term to describe enemies, evil people, and sometimes Gentiles. This woman was so desperate for help she didn’t even take offense when Jesus placed her in that category. Does his reply to her seem insulting or was he testing her faith? Her response ignited his compassion. When have you needed the Lord so badly you wouldn’t give up until you heard Him speak? Desperation can sharpen your spiritual resolve. Don’t ever, ever be ashamed of it.

30 / Fri – Guard dogs  |  Read Isaiah 56:9-12

Guard dogs can provide extra security and warn when danger is near. The Lord had put spiritual watchmen in charge of guarding Israel, protecting and warning the people, but they weren’t fulfilling their duties. How are these watchmen described? In what way, are you being called to guard those God has placed in your care? What things do you need to watch out for? Will you be mute like these unreliable guard dogs or speak up when you see the consequences of sin looming?

01 / Sat – Lessons learned  |  Read John 14:15 / First John 5:3a

As you’ve considered the many qualities dogs have, list below any insights you may have gained. For example, do you know the importance of staying close to your master? Are you faithful and loyal no matter the circumstances? Are you more aware of the danger of running off on your own? Do you look for food from his hand or are you tempted by titbits from strangers? How quick are you to obey? That is the true test of love and loyalty.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.