Jesus said: “Very truly I tell you, the one who believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life. John 6:47-48

For 22 seasons, Chef Gordon Ramsay has hosted the reality TV cooking show Hell’s Kitchen. Millions of viewers have turned in to see chefs compete in making delicious foods (and to see Ramsay dress them down when they fail). From the days of Julia Child to today’s Hell’s Kitchen and The Great British Bake Off, people have been fascinated by food and the people who make it.

This summer at REZ we will borrow a page from these cooking shows and look at the biblical stories involving food. Every week I will focus on a different biblical food and even give an authentic recipe from biblical times for how to prepare it. Let’s call it Heaven’s Kitchen. 

On June 16, we’ll start with the most popular food in biblical times: bread. There are over 300 references to bread in the bible. From the unleavened bread of Passover to the bread the ravens brought the Prophet Elijah, from the five little loaves from which Jesus fed the 5000, to the bread Jesus broke at the last supper, bread is present throughout the bible. I will show you how to make a simple biblical bread for your table.

Also on June 16, we will have another food: bacon. This one is not in the bible but as is our Father’s Day tradition we will have slices of bacon for everyone to enjoy. I’m getting hungry already. See you Sunday.

Pastor Mark