MAR 24  / Sunday – Read John 12:9-19 / John 13:1-17

Overview: What kind of hero takes on the role of a loving servant and gives up everything for people who later could care less about him?

25 / Mon – The road to the end  |  Read Mark 11:12-19

Yesterday’s spontaneous parade in Jesus’ honor could have been seen as acceptance by the people he came to save, but it actually started the countdown to his death. So, according to Mark’s gospel, what did Jesus do next? He went to the temple and kicked out all those who were using religion to make a profit. Before you mentally chastise the vendors, ask yourself this probing question: have I ever used religious connections or even my prayer requests to benefit my own self-interests?

26 / Tue – Final words as a preacher  |  Read Mark 11:20-33 (see more teachings in chapter 12)

Would you go back the next day after you had insulted religious leaders by disrupting their system of worship and speaking God’s truth about it? That would take extraordinary boldness but an impending death can free someone to focus their final days on what is most important. So what about you? Are there essentials you have been putting off because you are ‘too busy’? Tomorrow is never guaranteed. What would you later regret not having said or done today?

27 / Wed – This from a close friend  |  Read Mark 14:1-11 / Matt 26:14-16 / Luke 22:1-6

Much was happening behind the scenes in these last few days of Jesus’ life. His triumphal entry into Jerusalem was the last straw for the most powerful of the religious leaders. They had lost control of the masses and were in danger of losing their influence with the Roman government. Jesus had to be stopped. At this crucial moment, one of Jesus’ friends offered to make a deal.. Have you ever been betrayed or been tempted to betray someone else? What happened?

28 / Thu – Final words and actions  |  Read John 13:12-17 and chapters 14-16

Do you remember the last words you heard someone say before they passed away? Did their death seem to give those words more significance? John recorded details of Jesus’ last meal and his final words before being arrested and subsequently murdered. As you read the powerful words Jesus spoke to his followers, what most resonates with you? What fills you with hope? Who needs to hear that kind of encouragement from you today?

29 / Fri – Ugliness on display  |  Read Matt 27 / Mark 15 / Luke 23 / John 19

Many witnessed the ugliness that took place on that final Friday. They saw a battered, bloodied man carry a cross, submit to being nailed to that cross and take his final breath. But God saw something different. Not just Jesus’ body was nailed to the cross. The sins of the whole world were nailed there as well. The cross still figuratively stands. What do you need to lay down there? Your past, your present fears, anger, worries, self-centered attitudes, selfish choices, resentment, bitterness, any unforgiveness? Will you leave them all there and walk away?

30 / Sat – Silence  |  Read Psalm 27:14 / Psalm 39:7

The gospel writers are silent about Saturday’s events but we can speculate. The Romans had one less ‘criminal’ to deal with. The religious leaders were satisfied; their status quo was preserved. Grief-stricken friends and family were hiding, numbed by the swift turn of events. A common lie was reinforced, that God doesn’t really care about injustice. Have you ever experienced times like these? Where do you find hope in such dark places? Life always follows death for those who put their trust in the Lord. Your Sunday will come.

The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.

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The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides Scripture and insights to enhance your journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith or are a long-time Christian.