26 / Sun – Overview 2 Timothy 3:14-17 / John 20:30-31

Some numbers in the bible are just numbers, but others hold special meaning. Learning this bible “math” gives deeper understanding to our bible reading.

27 / Mon – God does unusual math | Read Mark 6:34-44

When you are comparing things, numbers can give perspective. As you read this familiar story, notice specific numbers mentioned. What is half of your annual income (v. 37)? What food was available? How many pieces did Jesus bless? How much was left over? How many people were fed? How did they figure that number out (v. 40) and why is it important? What’s your takeaway from this story? How can you apply it in the present?

28 /Tue – An important reminder | Read Mark 5:1-20

Read the description of this man’s condition in v. 3-5. It is difficult to imagine a more hopeless situation. When Jesus asked his name, the answer was Legion (a term for a unit of 3,000-6,000 Roman soldiers). Jesus commanded the evil spirits to leave the man’s mind and body but allowed them to go into a herd of pigs. What was the crowd’s response? What did they value most -the 1 or the 2,000? If you find yourself valuing things over people, ask God to realign your heart with His.

29 / Wed – Small beginnings | Read Acts 1:15 / Acts 2:1-12, 41 / Acts 4:4

The Bible contains many examples of what God can do with anyone who is committed to Him. A young woman believed what God said. The result was a Child who grew up to become the hope of the world. Jesus began ministry alone and then chose 12 followers. Those 12 grew to 120. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit added 3,000 more. Within days, there were 5,000 believers. The rest is history. What small thing might God be asking you to do?

30 /Thu – Once should be enough, right? | Read Matthew 18:21-22

Do you find it hard to forgive others? It is a common problem, one that Peter asked Jesus about. What was the answer? Do the math. Does that seem like a lot?! Now consider this in the light of Luke 11:4. Does it change your perspective? How many times do you think God has forgiven you, compared to the number of times you have forgiven those who’ve wronged you? Read Jesus’ follow-up illustration in Matthew 18:23-35 as you ponder these questions.

1 / Fri – Hair today, gone tomorrow | Read Psalm 147:4 / Matthew 10:29-31

God’s ability with numbers is astronomical, literally. Not only did He create the stars but He named each one. Seeing even a tiny fraction of them through a telescope can make you feel insignificant. Yet Jesus declares your value to your Heavenly Father in Matthew 10. Imagine it! He knows all about you, even things you don’t know about yourself. If He knows such a seemingly-unimportant fact as the number of hairs on your head, can you doubt how much He cares about you?

2 /Sat – Consider this | Read Psalm 39:4 / Psalm 90:12

How many days have you lived on this earth, as of 10-02-2021? Think about the things you have exchanged your valuable time for. Now look ahead. No one can predict how long they will live, but every person can decide how to use each day that remains. Do your priorities reflect what is most important? Tomorrow morning, will you look back on today and smile because you honored God and made a difference for someone else? It’s a worthy goal.

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